Hi Michael!

OMG….Jianna and I are in awe with her gallery! We are beyond happy and satisfied with how her senior photo pictures turned out. They are absolutely beautiful! There is no doubt on our minds that we made the best decision by getting you to capture this special moment in Jianna’s life. You are the best, Michael! 

There are just so many beautiful photos to choose from! Now comes the difficult part of choosing which ones to get.😊


Best regards,




Let me just say Thank You. I've been a constant staple for my kids, they're all close to me because I have been their constant, physically speaking. Their father has also been a constant even though he had two rigorous jobs and they may not know or understand it. We all must eat, right. You captured the best part of them, and the relationship they have, even with Rickey's absence. Amare' is the image of his dad and you captured that. I couldn't love it more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️



2021 GW GOLF-72x48 STATES2021 GW GOLF-72x48 STATES

Michael, I’ve ordered my youngest pre school pictures. And I also I really appreciate the GWHS golf poster, you really are the best, thank you……



2021-Grant Fenwick GWHS BB poster-web2021-Grant Fenwick GWHS BB poster-web4.1.1


I know I’m biased but I think this is one of your best works ever. 😊

I had very high expectations and you still exceeded them. Thanks.

David Fenwick


2021-Lanier Family-3400-print2021-Lanier Family-3400-print



OMG I love them.

Aside from the obvious favorites, I cannot tell you how much I love this one 😭




Hello Mr. Switzer,

This is Abbey one of the residents that you took pictures for from CAMC. I just wanted to thank you for all of your work to edit and get the photos to me earlier. This is so appreciated, as I will be able now to use them as my headshots next year. I think they turned out even better than I could have imagined, and everyone I have shown has been in awe of the great photography work!

Thank you again, Abbey



Jade Daniels-Testimonial2Jade Daniels-Testimonial2


Absolutely love the pics! Great job as usual. We will miss you as well. Thanks for capturing all these years for us. Thankful for your work.

Jade Daniels
(GW Cheer)


2020 GW Graduation-Thistlethwaite Testimonial2020 GW Graduation-Thistlethwaite Testimonial


Good morning,

I’m following the instructions to receive the code for pictures.
Thank you for always taking pictures of GW events. We feel blessed to have had the best photographer in the city document all the special times.

Dina Thistlethwaite



Julia Roberts-TestimonialJulia Roberts-Testimonial


Every picture is art that gives life to the subject. Michael exemplifies artistry in photography!

Julia Roberts



Kathryn Sayre-TestimonialKathryn Sayre-Testimonial


Photos are absolutely beautiful. Thanks again, you are such an artist!!!

Kathryn Sayre


GW Lacrosse-TestimonialGW Lacrosse-Testimonial

2021-GWLAX-Tracy Nunley2021-GWLAX-Tracy Nunley


We appreciate you! We can only imagine how busy you must be right now! Your work is truly a gift and we wanted to thank you for the time you put into capturing our memories.

Tracy Nunley
(GW Lacrosse-Sports)


2021-SAHS CHEER-Kelli Smith-Testimonial2021-SAHS CHEER-Kelli Smith-Testimonial


Ty so much and I applaud you for the time spent with your clients. Especially teen age girls 😊

Kelli Smith
(SA Cheer)



2015-11x85-schoettmer-front2015-Custom Book Cover

I got the books!!!! Wow, that was fast. 


Thank you so much for your work. I'm really gonna miss Carolina Football. Hope to see you guys back in NC for a game. 

Best of luck,
Donna Schoettmer





Hi Michael,

It is very difficult to express how thrilled my entire family is with your Valley Bell illustration.  I gave the four intended as gifts to Pam, her brother, Peyton, and my two sisters.  It was very emotional as they opened them at our annual Christmas Eve Party.  The dairy was, and the memories of, will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Obviously, we are all very proud of my father's accomplishments and you presented them in a very special way.  We are in awe of your talent and very appreciative of the finished product.  You have made us all very happy and we thank you very much!! 

Carol Martin Montgomery 






We were thrilled with the senior portraits we received from Michael. He was easy to work with and flexible with the locations and poses we wanted.   He captured the true essence of our son and his personality!  The portraits are treasured memories we will cherish for a lifetime!  

Mike & Carol Christenson




Michael:  We love the book that you did, great choice in pictures. I'm so glad you had the crowd shots and other pictures of Alyssa and were able to use them. This really does show her  high school years and I know she'll always treasure it. You also did a great job with the tennis team. Please know we appreciate all you've done.

Thanks again,  



2015 JAMS-program-12015 JAMS-program-1

Just finished reviewing the program. Maybe its been a long week. maybe I'm hormonal, but i cried!!!!

Michael, it is very special. Your JAMS family will love this keepsake.

Thanks so much for your creativity, your time and absolutely thanks for your Patience.




Denise Baker-TestimonialDenise Baker-Testimonial

Not only is Michael an outstanding photographer, but he is a great person to work with and to get to know. He has the ability to not just take pictures, but to capture moments.  I would have only trusted him to show my boy’s personalities through their senior pictures. His quality of work is definitely first rate.

Denise Baker




Sarah Arthur-Testimonial2Sarah Arthur-Testimonial2


Michael is a talented photographer and always does an outstanding job applying a creative edge to my photos — making them unique to my personality and interests.

He provides the highest quality results and has an admirable dedication to capture a great visual keepsake of memories!

Sarah Arthur/Class of 2017


Sherry Downey-TestimonialSherry Downey-Testimonial Sherry Downey-Testimonial2Sherry Downey-Testimonial2


Just wanted you to know that Sydney told everyone that her most favorite Christmas gift was the photo book designed by you.   She was just thrilled and would show anyone who would look at it. . . . . . of course, her grandparents were delighted to see it. 

Again, thank you for sharing your talents and creating memories for Sydney. 

Talk with you soon. 

Sheree Parks Downey


2016-JAMS Wrestling TEAM2016-JAMS Wrestling TEAM

Mike you're awesome. I appreciate you and like always your customer service is the best. Again thanks so much for all your help. And the pictures were wonderful just like they have been all these years. 






Riley Lohan-TestimonialRiley Lohan-Testimonial Riley Lohan-Testimonial2Riley Lohan-Testimonial2

Michael knows what to look for in taking a photograph. He always captures the right moments whether it was on the field, court or scenic location. I’ll always have great photos to look back on because of him.

- Katie Lohan (Riley)